About the Museums 365 Project

The original “about” text was this: Two twenty-something DC natives living in Arlington, setting out to see all the museums in Washington, DC in 2010.  One of us (Elissa) is a museum educator in training with a degree in German and interest in history, the other (Boyfriend) is a business consultant and layperson museum lover–or, in our terms, a museum advocate–with a background in engineering and an interest in everything. In the rest of our copious free time, we can be found jogging around the greater Arlington area and cooking up a storm.

About this blog now:

A twenty-something museum professional and DC native (Elissa) bringing friends, family, other museum buddies, and the general public along with her on her quest to see all the museums in DC in the coming year (or two). In the rest of her copious spare time, she can be found Skyping with Boyfriend, hanging out with fellow space dorks, jogging around Arlington, and generally enjoying living life in the DMV.

This blog also seeks to serve as a guide to the DC museums. We’ll be reviewing exhibits, listing information on new openings, and keeping an eye out for what’s good for the younger set.


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