Monthly Archives: February 2010

An unexpected hiatus

We were all set to finish the National Portrait Gallery on February 6–then it snowed, in historic proportions.  We were all set to finish it again yesterday after driving back from Monticello (where else would two musem-loving history geeks go for Valentine’s Day?)–then it snowed in Charlottesville and we got back after closing time. This coming weekend, Boyfriend is out of town, so stay tuned for the NPG review in late February.

In the meantime, feel free to check out my review on ExhibitFiles of an absolutely amazing exhibit at Monticello, an all-digital contextualization of the Revolutionary War era and ideas about liberty. Also, check out Monticello. I realize it’s not a DC museum, but I’ll be reviewing it here later this week anyway since the Smith Education Center is phenomenal and pretty close to my ideal of what an exhibition should be.

We’ll be back!