In which two local museum-lovers take on all of the museums. All of them.

Hi! I’m Elissa Frankle, a Museum Education student at the George Washington University and a spring semester intern in the Office of Public Programs at the National Museum of American History.  I live in Arlington, Virginia, having spent the first 22 years of my life living in Rockville, Maryland. I am a rare breed in Washington, DC–a real-live local.

My boyfriend (henceforth called “Boyfriend”), who also grew up in the DC area, decided that he wanted to see all of the museums in the District of Columbia in a year.  Unfortunately, Boyfriend is a bit of a skeptic about social media. Sure, he enjoys technology quite a bit in the general sense, but Facebook, Twitter, blogs . . . not really his thing. As a result, I’ll be doing the lion’s share of the posts here as we share our journey around the city’s museums with you. Hopefully, by next January, I’ll be able to convince Boyfriend to write up some of his experiences as well.

This blog will serve as a chronicle of our year in museums. We’ll be writing up what we saw, what we experienced, and what we hope to see in the future. Along the way, I’ll be posting dispatches from a class I’m taking on Museums and Technology, as well as special events going on in the DC museums and new and exciting things happening at museums around the world. We’ll also be paying particular attention to what museums are doing for people like us: museum-loving locals who are really good at being lazy on the weekends.

You can follow my museum musings on Twitter (@museums365). Suggestions, comments, complaints, and good recipes are more than welcome.


About museums365

Museum educator, space lover, baseball fan, citizen history rabble-rouser.

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  1. Congratulations Elisa, I love the way you hold the
    time, I am also a fan of museums in Colombia,
    particularly in Bogotá and next September I will make a
    tour of the Museums of Buenos Aires.

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